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Gronk destroys Browns player with spike in ‘Madden 18’ video

Rob Gronkowski is of course well-known for his emphatic spike celebration following a touchdown. But a video documenting game play in “Madden 18” takes the New England Patriots’ patented move to a comically — at least in video game form — violent level.

After Gronkowski makes a touchdown reception against the Cleveland Browns, he unleashes a violent spike. So violent, in fact, Gronk, after climbing up the Browns defender’s back, plants said opponent into the end zone turf in the process.

OH, THE INHUMANITY! While amusing glitches are commonplace in “Madden” video games, this Gronk spike is among the better ones.

The NFL in the offseason relaxed its policies against player celebrations, a move that has been widely hailed in light of the league’s typically draconian approach to such matters.

Gronkowski recently admitted he’s “excited” to rest out the new celebration rules. That said, let’s hope Gronk refrains from what his video game avatar did in the above “Madden 18” video. That wouldn’t be good for anyone.