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Tony Romo says he considered Jets before deciding to retire

Tony Romo is set to embark upon his broadcasting career as lead in-game analyst with CBS Sports after retiring earlier this year. But the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback revealed he “took a look” at joining the New York Jets before calling it an NFL career.

Romo made the arguably surprising admission Wednesday during a CBS Sports media event.

“I took a look at them,” Romo said of the Jets, via “I’m not going to say if they were in the final four. But I did take a look. I went through a lot of teams. There was a lot of discussion. I had narrowed the focus to about four teams. From there, obviously, I made the decision to come to CBS. I felt like the opportunity was just too big to pass up.”

The Jets are expected to be among the worst teams in the NFL in 2017 after a roster purge left the team with arguably the least-talented roster in the league. It warrants mentioning, however, that Romo was considering the Jets as an option before the team jettisoned Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. Had the Jets landed Romo, it would have been unlikely the team would have cut loose the two wide receivers.

But all that’s academic at this point. As far as the Jets are concerned, Romo gave the team an endorsement of sorts, albeit not a ringing one by any measure.

“They can be less bad,” Romo said. “That [McCown starting] is in the best interest of the team. It’s a good thing for them, to send the message to everybody: We’re trying to win in Week 1 and this season. The NFL is a very finite thing between being good and bad. They have some pieces. They’re a little bit away.”

Indeed. If only Romo had joined the team, the Jets certainly would have been “less bad” simply due to his presence.