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Merriam-Webster expertly trolls NFL teams over Twitter spat

The Indianapolis Colts not only were mocked and ridiculed over the team’s new hashtag-based slogan, #ColtsForged,” it also spawned a Twitter spat with two other NFL teams over its perceived lack of originality.

In the end, however, Merriam-Webster got the last laugh.

It all started with the Colts’ new and somewhat confusing slogan, which was formally introduced Tuesday.

While many couldn’t make sense of what #ColtsForged” exactly meant, the Tennessee Titans and then the Minnesota Vikings took umbrage over the use of “forged” in the slogan.

The Colts next clapped back at the Vikings with a pithy tweet of their own.

The choice by the Colts to make reference to a Merriam-Webster entry brought the spat to the attention of the official Twitter account of the aforementioned dictionary. This move elicited this brilliant troll take down of all three NFL teams in which the New England Patriots are used as a dose of silencing comeuppance.

Boom. Roasted. There’s no word for how brilliantly Merriam-Webster brought the hammer down. Well, there probably is one. Perhaps one could just look it up somewhere.