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Vikings, Titans troll Colts over confusing new slogan

The Indianapolis Colts on Monday evening unveiled their team slogan for the 2017 NFL season. Not only is the new slogan somewhat odd and slightly confusing, its resemblance to slogans previously used by the Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans prompted the two teams to call out the Colts on social media.

And the slogan, in the form of a hashtag, that inspired all the confusion and sarcasm? Ladies and gentlemen, “#ColtsForged.”

Wait. What?

For those individuals out there who cannot make manes or tails out of the arguably nonsensical motto, you’re not alone. The reaction on Twitter has been overwhelmingly negative.

From people pointing out that “#ColtsForged” makes little sense to others using it as a springboard to gripe about the uncertain near-future of Andrew Luck, folks had a field day with the announcement on social media.

As mentioned, both the Titans and Vikings took issue with the forged-themed slogan. And both teams articulated as much by trolling the Colts on Twitter.


It’s reasonable to suspect the Colts expected a warmer reception to their new slogan. But given the sarcastic and snarky nature that typified the average response, that expectation was comically misguided, to say the least.