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J.J. Watt’s Houston Hurricane relief fundraiser tops $400,000

J.J. Watt on Sunday issued a plea in an effort to raise much-needed funds for those in the Houston area impacted by the devastating conditions left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The Houston Texans superstar’s efforts have now helped raise over $400,000 as of Monday morning.

Watt originally took to Twitter Sunday to post his message calling for donations for the Houston Flood Relief Fund page he organized on

“I’m sitting here watching the news, checking the Internet and seeing everything that’s going on with Hurricane Harvey and the damage it’s causing back home, and it’s very difficult,” Watt said in the video. “It’s very difficult not only because we have family and friends back there — some guys have young kids, some guys have wives and families — but that’s our city. It’s very tough to watch your city get hit by such a bad storm and not be there to help. Not be there to help with the recovery, not be there to help with the process.

“If you can donate something small, if you can donate something big — whatever you can donate, please donate to help these people out. Houston’s a great city. We’re going to come out of this stronger than ever. But we’re going to need a lot of money to help these people rebuild. So, if you can donate, please donate.”

Watt originally aimed to raise $150,000 for relief efforts. Once that goal was eclipsed, Watt raised it to $500,000.

Given the amazing response and outpouring of support, it certainly looks like Watt will achieve the much-needed fundraising goal.

It’s also worth noting that the Texans have pledged $1 million in aid to the Houston area as well.

Between the donation by the Texans and fundraising efforts of Watt, the NFL team certainly is doing all it can to help their hometown in a time of great need. Predictions indicate the effort to rebuild Houston will require years to accomplish. And it looks like the Texans — and Watt — are in it for the long haul.