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Rally Cat custody battle ramps up as nonprofit lawyers up

The Rally Cat custody battle seems to have nine lives, as a new development surfaced this week about how the nonprofit shelter currently housing the feline has lawyered up.

The St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach, which currently has custody of Rally Cat, has been in something of a war of words with the St. Louis Cardinals organization over the cat’s ultimate final custody designation. While the Cardinals have insisted the team ought to gain custody, the SLFCO argues that is not necessarily the case.

Now the nonprofit shelter has retained Albert Watkins to provide legal counsel to Rally Cat, in a manner of speaking.

“While [Rally Cat] will always be a Redbirds fan, he has to think about his future as well,” Watkins said of the situation, via the Riverfront Times. “His working days in the playing fields of Busch Stadium appear to be over. … Much like any custody battle for children the world over, what’s important here is what’s in the best interests of the health and welfare of the cat.”

It didn’t appear that things couldn’t get any worse for the Cardinals after the SLFCO accused the team of “bullying tactics” in its quest to gain custody of Rally Cat. Watkins’ advocacy for the cat seems to have cast that eventuality in serious doubt.

“The priorities of the Club appear inconsistent with the goals and mission of the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach,” Watkins indicated in a press release, via Deadspin. “The SLFCO is aware of the ability and desire of the Redbirds to commercially exploit Rally Cat. However, commercial exploitation simply must take a back seat to that which is right for this four legged furry creature.”

Recent developments pointed to the likelihood that a looming Rally Cat custody battle was in the offing. With SLFCO lawyering up that indeed appears to be the case.

Either way, the Cardinals have already designated Sept. 10 as “Rally Cat Appreciation Day.” The hope is the cat will be healthy enough to make it to the event planned in his honor, despite the persistent animosity.