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Joel Quenneville laments ‘awful’ first pitch at White Sox game (vid)

Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville became the latest victim to join the annals of disappointing ceremonial first pitch performers. And even Quenneville, despite evidence arguably indicating otherwise, believes his first pitch was “brutal” and “awful.”

Wednesday night marked “Chicago Blackhawks Night” at Guaranteed Rate Field as the Chicago White Sox hosted the Minnesota Twins.

Quenneville, regaled in a ChiSox jersey, admirably threw his fist pitch off the mound. He may have ultimately regretted the decision, as Coach Q uncorked a pitch that short-hopped the plate got past Derek Holland.

In the grand scheme of things, Quenneville’s first pitch efforts without question is not among the worst of all-time. Just ask 50 Cent, among countless others.

Still, Quenneville engaged in some serious self-flagellation afterward, even if the case can be made his pitch wasn’t half-bad.

“I was a little nervous. I hadn’t thrown a baseball in a while. But that was brutal. That was an awful one,” Quenneville told the Chicago Tribune, via Puck Daddy. “You could say that was a bad, bad shot or like a fan on a shot. You could just say that was embarrassing almost.”

Quenneville added he didn’t really practice for the pressure-packed moment but insisted “it would have made much of a difference.”

Perhaps so.

He reiterated that he hadn’t practiced at all. “Not that it would have made much of a difference,” he said.