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Is Cubs skipper Joe Maddon dyeing his hair? (pic)

The media members who cover the Chicago Cubs apparently have been obsessed in recent weeks over whether or not Joe Maddon has taken to dyeing his hair. And thanks to the investigative efforts of one intrepid reporter, signs are pointing to yes.

Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Sullivan did some work behind the scenes — including locating a Maddon source who would only go by “Deep Root” to keep his identity under wraps — and it would seem the Cubs skipper began darkening his patented silver–haired look to achieve a more salt-and-pepper shade.

Here’s what Sullivan discovered:

The source, who asked to be called “Deep Root” so as not to reveal his identity, confirmed Maddon is in fact coloring his hair and was waiting on someone to notice. The idea to change hair color stemmed from a visit to a downtown Chicago hair stylist whom the source would only identify as “Fred.”

In late July, Maddon was advised by Fred to “rock the blue-steel tone,” which Ben Stiller adorned in “Zoolander.”

The impetus to the darkening apparently was a three-game losing streak during the Cubs’ “Easy Rider”-themed West Cost trip. Maddon appeared to debut the new ‘do during an Aug. 11 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and it’s been getting progressively darker ever since.

Even better? The Cubbies have won nine of 13 games since Maddon allegedly began dyeing his hair following Thursday’s 4-2 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. And given his eccentric and idiosyncratic managerial approach, expect Maddon to continue with the coloring … so long as the Cubs keep winning with regularity.

Further, it’s not like Maddon has been averse to dye-jobs in the past. So there’s that as well.