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Kate Upton tweets at Rob Manfred over Justin Verlander’s juiced balls theory

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander recently made the case in a tweet that baseballs are juiced. While Verlander’s claim has its supporters and critics, the pitcher can at least rely on fiancée Kate Upton’s support.

The supermodel on Tuesday took to social media to tweet at MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to speak her piece regarding the juiced baseball theory.

Upton’s tweet — since deleted — seemingly is to bolster something Verlander tweeted on Monday. The Tigers pitcher issued a tweet in reaction to one from Buster Olney in which the ESPN reporter points out the heightened number of sluggers who have hit more than 20 home runs this season.

The use of a hypodermic needle emoji alongside a baseball emoji indicates Verlander is implying baseballs are juiced.

And here’s a screenshot of Upton had to say in support of Verlander in the since-deleted tweet.

“Oh baseballs aren’t juiced @robmanfred? I would like to see the ‘science’ behind it? especially who sponsored the Rawlings testing,” Upton wrote late Tuesday night before adding the #MLB hashtag.

Verlander has long contended that baseballs have been altered to the benefit of hitters, going all the way back to the 2015 MLB season, when he said the notion baseballs are juiced passes the “old eye test.” A report from The Ringer earlier in the season supports Verlander’s long-held theory. The pitcher at that time referred to the report as “a pretty good article.”

That said, Manfred, who happened to be in town for the Tigers’ showdown with the New York Yankees at Comerica Park, disagreed with Verlander’s contention.

“There is nothing different about the baseball at all,” Manfred said before the Tigers’ 13-4 loss Tuesday night, via The Detroit News. “As a matter of fact, to the extent that there are little ups and downs (variances in the baseballs) year to year, the ups and downs suggest there should be fewer home runs.”

Verlander not surprisingly doesn’t have Manfred on board in support of his theory. But at least Upton is standing strong by his side.

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