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Kevin Durant blasts teacher who disparaged him in lesson

Kevin Durant on Friday took to Twitter to blast a Tulsa, Okla., schoolteacher who disparaged him in a handout to students.

The teacher allegedly issued a handout that suggested it was better to emulate Michael Jordan as opposed to the Golden State Warriors superstar (image here).

The crux of the teacher’s argument centered around how Jordan is a better role model than Durant as the former worked hard and persevered to win championships while the latter took the easy way out by signing with the Golden State Warriors to win a title.

Suffice to say, Durant was not impressed, not in the least. In fact, Durant, presumably in a joking or sarcastic manner, argued that a stiff punishment was warranted for the teacher in question.

Suffice to say, incarceration may be a little bit too harsh of a punishment for the perceived transgression. Termination of employment is a little much as well, obviously. But it’s clear from this social media outburst — not to mention some others in the recent past — that Durant isn’t afraid to speak is mind.