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Report: Kristaps Porzingis ‘off limits’ in potential Kyrie Irving trade

The New York Knicks reportedly have declared Kristaps Porzingis “off limits” in any potential trade for Kyrie Irving, according to a Newsday source.

Porzingis reportedly is among the Cavs’ top targets in a potential trade to ship out the disgruntled point guard with the word being Cleveland is on the hunt for a young star in exchange for Irving. The belief is such an acquisition in exchange for Irving would serve as an insurance policy for LeBron James’ potential departure after next season.

But the Knicks understandably are reluctant to deal the rising star, per Newsday’s report.

The Knicks don’t appear interested in trading Kristaps Porzingis, including a possible deal for Cavaliers All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, according to a league source…

“[Knicks president] Steve Mills and [Knicks general manager] Scott Perry on the record were very clear that Kristaps was part of the future,’’ the source said in reference to comments made last month by both executives. “In all the discussions since then — there were other rumors before that Cleveland would want Kristaps — and it didn’t seem that [the Knicks] were interested at all in a conversation.’’

The Knicks were among a handful of teams Irving reportedly identified as preferred destinations when his trade demand was first reported. There have been several permutations and developments since then, though, and the drama hasn’t subsisted one bit.

The latest development suggests Irving may be willing to sign an extension should a trade with the San Antonio Spurs be accomplished.

That aside, the Knicks considering any trade talk involving Porzingis as a nonstarter makes perfect sense. After all, Phil Jackson reportedly was fielding offers for the young Latvian shortly before the Knicks finally decided to cut him loose.

Porzingis has also expressed a desire to remain with the Knicks, albeit in a lukewarm manner, saying New York is “now home.” And given this recent report, it appears Porzingis’ new home, if there ever is one, won’t be Cleveland.

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