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Robert Horry named as suspect in investigation over fistfight

Former NBA star Robert Horry has been identified as a suspect in an LAPD investigation into an incident that occurred at one of his son’s basketball games a few weeks ago.

While Horry is named as a suspect, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed, per a TMZ Sports report.

Footage surfaced that appears to show Horry becoming involved in a confrontation on Aug. 5 (video here). The incident allegedly occurred during the Nike 3ON3 tournament at Staples Center.

The other man involved in the altercation reportedly is a known heckler of Horry at his son’s basketball games.

The video purportedly shows the heckler approaching and then pushing Horry. The former NBA star then appears to throw a series of punches.

“The guy was trash talking the whole game,” Horry told TMZ Sports, saying he only acted in self-defense. “He shoved me. Where I’m from, you protect yourself.”

Horry, 46, went on to add that he walked away from the confrontation, knowing that he would be “the only one who was gonna lose in this situation,” regardless of the outcome.

Once the LAPD’s investigation is complete, the police will turn it over to the City Attorney’s office who will then determine if charges are warranted.