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Rob Gronkowski would pay $69K to wear No. 69 jersey

Rob Gronkowski has made it clear he has a sophomoric, frat-boy-like affinity for the number 69. And now comes word that he’s willing to plunk down a substantial sum of money to don the No. 69 jersey in an NFL game.

The New England Patriots tight end recently appeared on Bleacher Report’s “The Simms and Lefkoe Podcast.” During the interview, Gronkowski was asked what lengths would be go to, financially speaking, to wear No. 69 in a game.

Gronk’s response? $69,000. Of course.

As noted by CBS Sports, there have been a handful of occasions where Gronkowski found himself amused over the number 69. Here’s Gronk reacting when a reporter utters “69” twice during an interview.

And here’s Gronk discussing last October how his next touchdown would mark the 69th of his career.

Gronkowski currently sits with 68 receiving touchdowns (69 total), meaning he’ll get one more opportunity to amuse himself with the number.

Regarding the $69,000 question, Patriots offensive lineman Shaq Mason currently has ownership of the No. 69 jersey. That said, NFL rules would seem to prohibit Gronkowski actually wearing No. 69 during a game. According to NFL Rule 5, Section 1, Article 4 of the NFL rule book, tight ends are limited to jersey numbers between 80 and 80. So there’s that as well.

That said, despite the notion of actually donning No. 69 in a game is nothing more than a pipe dream for Gronk, it’s certainly fun listening to him talk about his favorite number.