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Jim Harbaugh denounces outbreak of violence in Charlottesville

Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh took to Twitter Monday evening to weigh in on the outbreak of violence this past weekend in Charlottesville, Va.

The outbursts of violence when “alt-right” white nationalists staged a rally culminated with tragedy when one person was killed and at least 19 others injured when James Alex Fields Jr. plowed through a group of counter-protesters. Harbaugh on Twitter denounced Fields and “[a]nyone who demonstrates through violence, terror or intimidation” as “embarrassments to our country.”

Harbaugh interestingly chose to mention how individuals at the Charlottesville rally and those of their ilk are “truly disrespectful to our flag.”

Harbaugh has on a handful of occasions come to the defense of Colin Kaepernick — who played for him with the San Francisco 49ers — over the quarterback’s national anthem protests. Kaepernick, who remains in NFL exile without a job — arguably in baffling fashion — came under tremendous scrutiny for the protests, with many arguing the act was disrespectful to the flag.

Although it does warrant mentioning that Harbaugh backpedaled after initially criticizing Kaepernick for his protests.

That said, Harbaugh has kept his political views low-key for the most part since taking over Michigan’s football program. But he continues to be a vocal and passionate crusader for legal aid for the poor.