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Cubs troll Hawk Hawk Harrelson over Wrigley Field criticism

The Chicago Cubs took to Twitter to expertly troll Chicago White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson over his scathing criticism of  Wrigley Field.

Harrelson recently referred to Wrigley as a “joke” and vowed to never step foot in the iconic ballpark ever again.

The longtime White Sox announcer then doubled down on his original assertion by stating Wrigley Field needs to be replaced.

“It’s just time for that ballpark to be replaced. It’s just that simple,” Harrelson said, via CBS Chicago. “I’m only saying stuff that everybody knows who goes there. But nobody wanted to say it, so I decided yeah (to say it). I’ll never step another foot inside Wrigley Field.”

The Cubs presumably didn’t much appreciate Harrelson’s screed and exacted revenge by using his words against him in a tweet documenting an Anthony Rizzo home run in Monday’s 15-5 victory over the Cincinnati Reds.

Boom. Roasted. To borrow one of the broadcaster’s patented phrases, “Grab some bench,” Hawk Harrelson.