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Jim Irsay: Colts not interested in signing Colin Kaepernick

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said the team considered bringing in a veteran quarterback amid the uncertain near-future of the still-rehabbing Andrew Luck. But Irsay indicated that Colin Kaepernick wasn’t part of the conversation.

“We did have a [quarterback] candidate or two,” Irsay said when asked if the team considered someone “like Colin Kaepernick,” via the Indianapolis Star. “I think that we came semi-close to bringing in a mid-30, mid-to-late 30 guy. We had a [salary] number. The guy wanted more than the number. It wasn’t Kaepernick. It just didn’t work out so we moved on.”

With Luck’s continued inability to participate in training camp, the Colts instead will roll with Scott Tolzien, whom head coach Chuck Pagano said “did OK” in Sunday’s 24-10 exhibition loss to the Detroit Lions.

Recent reports have cast doubt on whether Luck will be ready to play in the season opener against the Los Angeles Rams on Sept. 10.

Irsay was evasive on Luck’s expected return, saying “I have, and I haven’t” when asked if he’s seen the 27-year-old quarterback throw.

As far as predicting if Luck will be ready for the season opener, Irsay wouldn’t state anything for certain.

“He could play [against the Rams],” Irsay said, “but he could not.”

“I can’t say that unequivocally he’ll be ready for the Ram game,” Irsay added, “but I can say I feel very confident that he’ll be ready to start the season. Now that may not be the Ram game, but to start the season, yes.”

Regarding the Kaepernick angle, the Colts became the latest team to pass on signing him, leaving the arguably serviceable signal-caller in NFL purgatory. Several teams have been confronted with concerns at the quarterback position, including the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins. But each time Kaepernick has been left out in the cold.

Numerous theories have been forwarded in an attempt to explain Kaepernick’s continued unemployment. Whether he’s being blackballed or not, it’s arguably baffling why a quarterback as talented as Kaepernick remains unsigned at this point. Until Kaepernick does land with a team, expect the perpetual conversation to continue.

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