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Michael Vick in the doghouse with wife over Colin Kaepernick talk

Michael Vick found himself in the middle of a media firestorm last month over controversial comments made about Colin Kaepernick’s continued unemployment. If it wasn’t bad enough that the former NFL superstar wasn’t taking heat in public, it appears his Kaepernick chatter is causing him headaches on the home front as well.

Vick became the target of criticism lat month when he suggested that the “[f]irst thing we’ve got to get Colin to do is cut his hair,” arguing that Kaepernick’s hairstyle is serving as a roadblock to getting an NFL job. Vick suggested Kaepernick should forgo the Afro and cornrows and instead go “clean-cut.”

Vick’s wife, Kijafa, is one of the stars of the VH1 reality show, “Baller Wives.” In a preview of the show, Vick’s wife metes out a punishment that is sure to grab her husband’s attention.

“Why does he have to change his hair for him to get a job?” Kijafa asked her husband, later adding, “You know what you gonna be banned from this week? Banned from the bedroom.”

Kijafa also mentioned how it upset her that Vick is receiving negative attention again after going through the entire dog-fighting scandal that landed him in prison.

“It’s just not no fun having you, you know, in the media again for negative things. It just scares me,” she said. “It makes me relive a part of our life that I’d just like to put in the past.”

The fallout from Vick’s comments involved Kaepernick appearing to issue a provocative response courtesy of a tweet in which “Stockholm Syndrome” is referenced, amid other associated backlash.

Vick has since apologized for his comments, saying he was “truly sorry” for making them. It sounds like more apologies may be in order for Vick to get back into his wife’s good graces.