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Jose Canseco takes to Twitter to talk smack about Aaron Judge

Jose Canseco: Still talking, after all these years.

The former big-leaguer and longtime baseball pariah took to Twitter Thursday to seemingly bemoan all the attention New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge is being paid over his rapid ascension to being among preeminent power hitters in Major League Baseball.

Making matter worse, Canseco, obviously among the most powerful home-run hitters of his era — ahem — claimed in his mini-Twitter tirade that he could still out-slug the 25-year-old Yankees rookie, even at the advanced age of 53.

Here are the rundown of tweets where Canseco makes his arguably dubious claims in a questionably redundant manner.


And with that sequence of tweets, Canseco essentially became the Uncle Rico of embittered former major leaguers. And odds are Judge won’t let Canseco’s smack talk get to him too much, if he even ever hears about it at all. So there’s that.

And hey, at least Canseco is tweeting about baseball as opposed to Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, which he has done in the past.

That said, Canseco does deserve credit for somehow remaining on the periphery of the baseball world … even if it involves such antics as calling out one of the MLB’s best young ballplayers in a silly manner.