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LeBron James’ ‘Basketball jones’ tweet elicits invite from Buckeyes guard

LeBron James on Wednesday whipped the Internet up into a frenzy — actually on two occasions (more on that later) — when he took to Twitter to ask of any potential pick-up basketball action options from his millions of followers.

Of course, everyone and their brother and/or sister responded to the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar’s inquiry. Responses included invites from rec associations and church leagues as well as some intentionally absurd ones (to no surprise given the sarcastic nature of social media).

At least one legitimate offer, however, has been able to rise above the fray and snark to warrant deserved attention.

Ohio State Buckeyes guard Kam Williams responded to James’ request, inviting him to head to the Columbus campus for some hardwood action.

James of course has long had a strong affinity for his home-state Buckeyes. So, if James were to actually take up one of the thousands upon thousands offers for a pick-up game, Williams’ invite just might be the one.

On the other hand, perhaps James is looking for a pick-up game nearer his apparent “home” of Los Angeles. A tweet from James on Wednesday — incidentally about the aforementioned “basketball Jones” — mentioned as much.

So there’s that. Best of luck to Williams, though.