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Is Klay Thompson dating Instagram model Abigail Ratchford?

Instagram model Abigail Ratchford may have gotten the rumor mill spinning regarding a possible relationship with Golden State Warriors superstar Klay Thompson with some interesting social media activity earlier this week.

Ratchford, 25, posted a story on her wildly popular Instagram account (7.9 million followers) that includes a photo of Rocco, Thompson’s dog, along with a pic of some basketballs on a counter, per The Mercury News.

“That was the best I’ve slept in a year,” Ratchford posted along with an angel emoji.

Thompson is not featured in the social media musings from Ratchford. And the model later told the New York Post that past airings of relationship information on Instagram have backfired on her.

“My manager was right that I shouldn’t put [my relationship] out there. … It’s never a good business move,” Ratchford said. “You kind of have to pretend you’re single, just so [your fans] can have the fantasy of having a chance with you.”

Fair enough.

Thompson does not follow Ratchford on Instagram, but the model does follow the Warriors superstar’s older brother Mychal, for what it’s worth. So, at this point, any possible romantic relationship between Thompson and Ratchford is merely speculation spurned by some social media postings that may indicate there may be something going on … or not.

That said, Ratchford’s name may sound familiar to NBA fans as she’s the model who attracted Kristaps Porzingis’ interest to such an extent the New York Knicks star slid into her DMs in arguably awkward manner.