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Indians troll Patriots’ plane announcement with ‘Major League’ reference

The Cleveland Indians had a little fun on Twitter at the New England Patriots’ expense by busting out a fantastic “Major League” reference in response to some big news this week concerning the NFL team.

Reports surfaced Tuesday indicating the Patriots will be traveling in style from here on out when they take to the friendly skies. That much was accomplished this past offseason when the reigning Super Bowl champs purchased two Boeing 767s for team travel.

The Patriots took to Twitter as well to reveal the team refers to the mini-fleet of planes as “airkrafts,” a cleven nod to owner Robert Kraft.

No price tag has been attached to the investment, but an ESPN report indicates planes such as those purchased by the Patriots typically range in cost from $5 million and $65 million depending on miles flown and condition.

The Patriots are now the first NFL team to have their own planes. The Indians wanted to make clear, though the Pats aren’t the first American professional sports team to have its own personal plane … at least if one allows make-believe aircraft from movies to enter the fray.

The Indians, shortly after the big announcement, took to Twitter to take issue with Pats’ so-called trailblazing airplanes. Although the MLB ball club had to be creative in refuting the claim by incorporating a reference to the classic film, “Major League.”

Granted, the Indians’ plane from the film was a broken-down hunk of junk while the Patriots’ new “airkraft” have been retrofitted with first-class seats and modern amenities. Also, the Patriots’ planes exist in the real world while the Indians’ plane … doesn’t.

That said, any time a “Major League” reference can be incorporated into a discussion should be welcomed. With that in mind, bravo, Indians. Bravo, indeed.