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Is Amazon floating a possible Tom Brady-Jim Gray talk show?

Tom Brady could soon add talk show host to his ever-evolving off-the-field empire in light of a report indicating that Amazon is floating a potential talk show hosted by the New England Patriots and Jim Gray.

Deadspin obtained an Amazon survey pitching the concept that reads in part as follows:

Introducing a 30-minute talk show starring current NFL legend Tom Brady and sports journalist Jim Gray. The weekly show takes place in a relaxed non-studio environment throughout the NFL season and includes three core segments. First is an inside look into the life of Tom Brady and what drives him — such as an investigation into his vegan diet, his fitness and recovery routines, his private life, and off-season downtime in Montana hanging out with teammates. Second is a look into topical issues about sports, the NFL and modern life, as well historical tours of iconic sports locations such as Fenway Park and an all access look at Gillette Stadium, Tom’s home away from home and headquarters for the New England Patriots. Last, Tom and Jim will preview Thursday Night NFL games and discuss the 2017-2018 NFL season as a whole from Tom’s unique perspective as the weeks unfold toward the playoffs.

Brady already has a preexisting relationship with media veteran Gray due to their interviews that air weekly during “Monday Night Football” broadcasts on Westwood One radio.

Potential titles of the floated talk show concept include “Tom Brady: Unfiltered,” “Tom Brady: On Point,” “Tom Brady: Unscripted,” “Unprecedented: Tom Brady,” “Primetime: Tom Brady” and just “Tom Brady.”

Deadspin also notes in its report that the survey, which concluded with an Aug. 6 deadline, has a query which asks, “How would you describe your perspective of Tom Brady?” Responses presented range from, “I love Tom Brady” to “I don’t know Tom Brady and that show does not interest me,” with “I hate Tom Brady” just below middle range.