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Noah Syndergaard discusses ‘secretive’ cameo on ‘Game of Thrones’

Noah Syndergaard is as big of a “Game of Thones” superfan as they come. And the New York Mets pitcher utilized his celebrity status to land a cameo on the smash HBO series. Syndergaard’s appearance on the show aired for the first time Sunday during the premiere of “Spoils of War,” the fourth episode of the series’ seventh and penultimate season.

The pitcher portrayed a Lannister general, and without revealing too much, Syndergaard’s character had an interesting arc, to say the least.

It turns out Syndergaard’s agents at CAA reached out to the show’s producers and noted how the pitcher had named his gloves after Tywin Lannister and Jon Snow, among other fanboy moves.

That much was already known as Syndergaard previously revealed as much (here). But Syndergaard on Monday further discussed how the opportunity evolved, calling the entire process “very secretive” from beginning to end.

Syndergaard actually played the role of spoiler of sorts with tweets posted Sunday night. He again revealed his character’s ultimate fate while discussing it while at the Citi Noah Syndergaard Baseball Camp.

In other words, the expected “SPOILER ALERT: DETAILS FROM ‘SPOILS OF WAR’ FOLLOWS” will be issued here. Reader discretion is advised.

“I thought at one point I was gonna be a Knight of the Night’s Watch, but I’ll be a Lannister and I’ll get killed by a dragon,” Syndergaard said Monday, via the New York Post.

And here are Syndergaard’s tweets from Sunday night, in which he addresses his character’s actions in the already-classic episode.

“I couldn’t pass it up,” Syndergaard said of his cameo. “I would love to do it again.”

Given the beloved series only has one more season before it concludes one of the most remarkable runs in television history, Syndergaard better get his agents on the horn sooner rather than later.