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LeBron James, Jim Carrey bond on Twitter over actor’s artwork

Count LeBron James among those who have been blown away by the remarkable painting talents of actor Jim Carrey.

Video surfaced over the weekend documenting Carrey’s developing skills as an artist. The footage is from a mini-documentary entitled, “I Need Color.” Suffice to say, Carrey’s interest in painting isn’t simply some kind of self-indulgent endeavor. Carrey has serious talent.

James on Monday took to Twitter — where he’s spent considerable time this offseason — to marvel at Carrey’s growing mastery of the medium. In fact, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar even suggested the two hang out sometime.

Carrey isn’t exactly prolific on social media — although he maintains a certain presence on Twitter — so it was pretty cool to see that the actor took a moment to express gratitude to James for the kind thoughts. Not only that, Carrey is interested in a meet-and-greet as well.

The notion of two titans in their respective professions the likes of James and Carrey actually hanging out would be something. Not only is it great that James appreciates Carrey’s artistic talents, it’s made even better given how  Carrey would be “honored” to hang out with James.

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