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Dolphins fan improvises to add Jay Cutler to QB jersey collection (pic)

The Miami Dolphins have lured Jay Cutler out of retirement to play quarterback in the wake of Ryan Tannehill’s knee injury.

The somewhat surprising move has left one Dolphins fan in a conundrum regarding the accuracy of his sizable collection of jerseys documenting the team’s laundry list of recent quarterbacks.

The Dolphins fan in question took to Twitter to bemoan how he lacks a Cutler jersey in the wake of the veteran signal-caller’s signing.

That’s a pretty impressive photographic rundown of the quarterbacks who have come and gone in recent Dolphins history. But again, it lacks a Cutler jersey to make it up-to-date.

So, said Dolphins fan had no choice but improvise in the short-term to ensure his jersey collection was accurate.

“Phin Fett” has since taken to Twitter show how he resolved the issue.

Well done. Nothing like a little masking tape and a black marker as improvisational tool when it comes to these kind of matters. It’s worth noting that before Cutler’s arrival, no current member of the Dolphins wore No. 6, per the team’s official site. Perhaps an individual more steeped in the Dolphins’ storied franchise history could identify who last wore No. 6 for the team.

Cutler’s No. 6 jersey of course will soon be available for purchase, if it’s not already. But kudos to one Dolphins fan who ensured his quarterback jersey collection was immediately updated to reflect Cutler’s addition to the team.

In closing, despite the considerable dearth of franchise-caliber quarterbacks in that jersey collection, don’t fret, Dolphins fans. After all, it could be worse. Just ask Browns fans.

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