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Tony Dorsett hails Ezekiel Elliott as ‘a very humble young man’

Dallas Cowboys icon Tony Dorsett became the latest person to weigh in on the Ezekiel Elliott saga as the NFL continues to drag its heels in its investigation into the off-the-field drama involving the 22-year-old running back.

Dorsett was making an appearance on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” when he hailed Elliott’s team-first mentality.

“Zeke and I have talked on several occasions. Zeke Elliott is a very humble young man who appreciates where he’s at and that’s the thing about it: He hasn’t let it go to his head,” Dorsett said, as transcribed by The Dallas Morning News. “He understands it could be gone just like that. He’s a hard working guy, he’s a team player. Like I said earlier, he doesn’t got the big head. He’s all about team. He’s all about us. It’s not about me. That’s what I like about him.”

Elliott is staring down a potential suspension in light of the NFL’s investigation into an alleged domestic violence incident involving a then-girlfriend. No charges were filed in relation to the incident but the NFL nevertheless retains the right to punish him should the league conclude he violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

Elliott has experienced a handful of additional off-the-field incidents that could be viewed as troubling, including when he pulled down a woman’s top at a St. Patrick’s Day parade earlier this year. There are also allegations that Elliott recently was involved in a fight at a Dallas bar.

That said, until the NFL concludes its investigation — the latest word is that a ruling is expected perhaps as early as this week — expect the discussion surrounding Elliott’s off-the-field drama to persist. Actually, until Elliott proves capable of avoiding such situations that have plagued his young NFL career, said chatter will continue. Although there are several prominent individuals who remain firmly in Elliott’s corner.