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LeBron James delivers another cryptic post on social media (vid)

LeBron James has let his social media activity do a lot of his talking this offseason. While some posts have been explicit in what James was trying to convey (as was the case here), others took on a cryptic tone, something James excels at on social media.

The latest installment of the James’ social media-heavy offaseason had the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar posting video of himself singing along to Meek Mill’s “1942 Flows.”

Here are the lyrics James shouts out in the video, via Pro Basketball Talk:

Money, power, respect

I know these n—s upset

They ain’t see me fall yet

Wins and loss

You want to see me fall [while pointing at camera followed by hysterical laughter]

What message, if any, is James trying to get across with the chosen lyrics? Could it be about Kyrie Irving wanting out of Cleveland? After all, Irving seemed to previously troll James with video in which he sings a song, so perhaps James’ video is some kind of social media comeuppance.

On the other hand, James’ most recent video could mean absolutely nothing at all beyond the superstar simply enjoying singing along to one of his favorite songs. But given James’ habits on social media, pretty much everything is on the table as a possibility. And it would seem that’s exactly how James wants it.

James knows a thing or two about arguably revealing a lot while expressing very little. And posting cryptic items to social media have long been a key item in James’ social media toolbox.