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What was going on with Jerry Jones’ hair at Hall of Fame Game? (pics)

Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys squared off against the Arizona Cardinals in the annual Hall of Fame Game Thursday night in what’s nothing more than a glorified early preseason game. But there’s one interesting side-story from the otherwise meaningless game involving Jones, who is set to be inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend:

What in the holy heck is going on with his hair?

Jones showed up in Canton at Hall of Fame Field at Tom Benson Stadium with what appears to be one terrible haircut. Not surprisingly, the Internet had a field day with a hairdo gone awfully awry.

Yamma hamma. Even hairstyle-challenged Raiders owner Mark Davis wouldn’t know what to say about that hairdo.

As the final tweet above astutely notes, Jones is tremendously wealthy, leaving one to wonder how someone with so much money could end up with such a terrible haircut.

Did Jones go into the barbershop and say, “Give me the ‘Lloyd Christmas'” or something?

Good grief.