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Boston Herald photographer explains phenomenal Fenway photo

Boston Herald photographer Matt Stone admits his phone has been “going off like crazy” thanks to a brilliant photograph he snapped during the Boston Red Sox’s 9-5 victory over the Chicago White Sox Thursday.

The photo, which has gone viral to no small measure, showcases fans seated atop Fenway Park’s Green Monster reacting to a home run ball hit in their vicinity in the first inning by Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers.

Boston Herald sports editor Sean Leahy took to Twitter to praise Stone for the mesmerizing moment in time captured with a Cannon 1DX with a 400 mm lens.

“I was in the first-base photo pit right next to the Red Sox dugout,” Stone said of his setup, via the Boston Herald. “I shot Devers hitting the home run and then I looked to see where the ball was going. I always follow the ball and I saw this one heading right for the Green Monster.”

Stone went on to describe what makes the photograph so unique and breathtaking.

“What made this photo so different is I kept the frame really wide so you can see the kid with the ball appearing to be almost on top of his head and you can see the expressions on the faces of the other fans,” Stone said. “You can see the kid with the glove almost catching it.”

“And it’s all against a clear, green background. The green helps the eye focus on the expressions and the ball. It’s so hard to see the ball sometimes when it’s hit into the stands. But in this photo, it pops!”

Indeed it does.

Sports photographers rarely get the credit they deserve for how their considerable talents contribute to sports media coverage. It’s great how Stone is receiving so much attention for what unquestionably is a phenomenal photograph.