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WNBA finally makes video game debut in NBA Live 18 (vid)

The WNBA has at long last entered the video game age, arguably many years after it should have been welcomed.

EA Sports announced this week that for the first time ever, gamers will be able to play as WNBA teams in the upcoming NBA Live 18.

The WNBA hailed the big announcement via Twitter as well.

“We are extremely proud to partner with the WNBA and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) on this groundbreaking occasion,” NBA Live executive producer Sean O’Brien said in a statement, via Total Pro Sports. “The WNBA is home to some of the most incredible athletes on the planet, and we’ve been working hard to integrate them into our game in an authentic and meaningful way. This is only a taste of what we have in store, and look forward to working with the league on more great integrations in the franchise in the future.”

All 12 WNBA teams will be featured in NBA Live 18, per EA Sports, which is slated for release in September. And the WNBA, in its 22nd season, couldn’t be more thrilled at finally being included, something that arguably should have occurred years ago.

“We are delighted to collaborate and make history with EA,” WNBA President Lisa Borders said in a press release, via CBS Sports. “With EA’s expertise and ingenuity, the game will provide a terrific platform to showcase the players and the league, enabling fans to experience the WNBA in a new, exciting way.”

It goes without saying WNBA’s inclusion on NBA Live 18 is a welcome development. At long last it can be said that when it comes to the WNBA, the league can finally boast “It’s in the Game,” to borrow EA Sports’ iconic motto.