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Michael Jordan supports Kevin Durant’s ‘right’ to join Warriors

Michael Jordan has come out in support of Kevin Durant’s “right” to join the Golden State Warriors last offseason … at least 4to a certain extent.

Durant of course was roundly criticized after announcing his decision to join the Warriors, with many of the barbs related to the notion that Durant simply was chasing a ring, although some big names did come out in support of Durant as well.

That said, having Jordan take a pro-Durant position has to be viewed as a positive development for the Warriors superstar. Although it merits mentioning that Jordan made it clear it would not have been something he would have done during his career.

“Kevin Durant is a free agent he can go wherever he wants,” Jordan said during a Q&A at his basketball camp, via Pro Basketball Talk. “I am a total supporter of free agents going wherever they want. Would I have done it, probably not. But he chose to do it, that’s his own right, he has a right to do it. I’m not mad at him for doing it. I wish him the best. I would do it differently.”

Jordan obviously enjoyed the benefit of being surrounded with championship-caliber rosters throughout his Chicago Bulls career. Although the case can be made that Jordan’s presence alone was enough to accomplish that.

It obviously can never be known what Jordan would have done it that hadn’t been the case. Many old timers from Jordan’s era and further back routinely insist they would have never partnered up with rivals to create a superteam. While that may have been the case then, it certainly isn’t that way in today’s NBA. And Durant’s decision last season proves as much, regardless of the continuing debate over the move.