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Troy Aikman: Tony Romo has ‘real disadvantage’ at start of broadcasting career

Troy Aikman knows a thing or two about the challenges Tony Romo currently is facing at the onset of a broadcasting career. But Aikman wasn’t thrust front and center at the start of his career behind the mic, something Romo is confronted with after being named CBS Sports’ top analyst right out of the gate.

That particular component will no doubt put Romo squarely in the crosshairs of potential criticism from the get-go. Aikman was brought along much more slowly, and he certainly doesn’t envy Romo in that respect.

That said, Aikman believes Romo will have to deal with one additional obstacle that will make the start of his broadcasting career that much more difficult.

“The real disadvantage that Tony’s going to have is that he has two games a week to start the season off,” Aikman said recently on Lance Armstrong’s “The Forward” podcast, as transcribed by The Dallas News. “He’s going to be doing a game Thursday night, turning around and doing a game on Sunday night. It takes me a full week to get ready for one game. To try to do two games when you’re just learning the business that’ll be challenging.”

Aikman cited several additional variables that makes Romo’s transition more difficult that the one he faced.

“The problem with today’s game, and it’s even worse now than when first I got into this broadcasting, is that the game has sped up so much,” Aikman said. “There’s very little time in between plays. These teams are just snapping the ball, snapping the ball. So as the analyst you gotta talk in little 15-second soundbites. You don’t have time to break something down on a chalkboard. That becomes the real challenge. It’s trying to make meaningful points and do it in a very short window of time. It’s hard.”

Romo is said to have been working hard behind the scenes ahead of his upcoming broadcasting debut. How he’ll fare remains to be seen. But as others have suggested, Romo boasts the charisma, insight and football smarts to one day develop into an accomplished broadcaster.