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Raiders’ gift to season-ticket holders includes ‘Loyalty’ pin (pic)

The Oakland Raiders sent out a gift to season-ticket holders that likely won’t be warmly greeted by some of its recipients.

The Raiders organization of course will be relocating to Las Vegas sooner rather than later. Although the exact date has yet to be set, the move could occur within two years.

Raider Nation obviously — and rightfully so — aren’t too thrilled over their beloved team ultimately leaving Oakland. And the Raiders’ gift to season-ticket holders seemingly rubs salt in their wounds, or at least can be interpreted as such.

The gift sent out is a collection of pins, one which reads “LOYALTY.”

It’s hard to decide which “Saturday Night Live” reference to use here. Would “Bad Idea Jeans” or “Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?” be the better choice? Difficult to say. What’s worse, this isn’t the first time the Raiders arguably made a misstep with its dealings with current season-ticket holders.

That said, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr recently stated that “true Raider fans” in the Oakland area will continue to support the team after the move to Sin City. Perhaps that’s part of a subliminal message the “LOYALTY” pin is intended to convey.

Either way, one is left to wonder whether issuing such a pin was a good choice. At the very least, it was arguably a tone-deaf one.