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Astros mascot Orbit escalates ‘war’ with Chris Archer (pics)

In case anyone is wondering, the “war” currently being waged between Houston Astros mascot Orbit and Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer is still on like Donkey Kong.

Orbit attempted to sabotage Archer’s start Tuesday night by leaving the pitcher a “pregame snack.” Only said snack, which featured a chocolate bar, included a bottle being heralded as containing an “electrolyte formula.” Suffice to say, labels — or taped-on ones — not surprisingly can be deceiving.

Rays nutritionist Ryan Harmon thankfully stepped in to prevent any potential … uncomfortable outcomes related to the ingestion of the “electrolyte formula” provided to Archer.

Archer then took to Twitter Wednesday morning to serve notice on Orbit that his attempt at sabotage had been successfully thwarted.

Tuesday’s escalation followed an earlier incident when Archer provided Orbit with a “declaration of unfriendliness,” which cited the mascot’s alleged “general mischief and rascality” as cause.

Orbit was having none of it, though, balling up the declaration into a ball and throwing it at Archer.

Oof. Suffice to say, in light of the events of the previous couple of days, expect the “feud” between Orbit and Archer to continue.

Also, for what it’s worth, Archer got the win in the Rays’ 6-4 win over the Astros, going six innings while surrendering four runs on six hits to go along with five strikeouts. Archer obviously wouldn’t have fared as well had he ingested Orbit’s “pregame snack.”