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Pats D.C. Matt Patricia won’t discuss Roger Goodell clown shirt

New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia on Wednesday indicated that it’s time to put all discussions related to his infamous Roger Goodell shirt in the past.

Patricia made waves when spotted wearing a shirt portraying the NFL commissioner as a clown, down to the patented red nose, when stepping off a plane at Logan Airport following the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI triumph.

The shirt, produced by Barstool Sports, reportedly irked Goodell to a great degree. In fact, the shirt “really bothered” Goodell and “ticked some people off” in the league office, per a Pro Football Talk report.

The NFL has since indicated it’s “on to 2017,” despite the purported bitterness over Patricia’s shirt. And it appears the Patriots defensive coordinator feels the same way.

When asked by reporters about the issue, Patricia indicated there won’t be much said about it.

“I mean, right now, it’s all about training camp. We’re here. We’re getting ready to go,” said Patricia. “So … my focus is our guys, getting ready, making sure we have some good meetings here this afternoon and making sure we have a productive day, so that’s kind of where we’re at.”

Patricia was also asked about speculation such an overt affront to the commissioner may negatively impact future opportunities to become a head coach. Again, Patricia wasn’t inclined to discuss the issue.

“Like I said, right now the questions are all about today, training camp, this season, and I don’t want to take away from anything to do with that,” he said.

Patricia’s negative and mocking portrayal of Goodell as a clown obviously was inspired by the commissioner’s role in the years-long Deflategate drama. There obviously remains a great deal of acrimony on the Patriots’ behalf over the years-long drama that cast a cloud over the organization. Just don’t expect Patricia to address the issue … or Bill Belichick for that matter, obviously.