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Father catches son’s home run hit with surprise birthday bat (vid)

Just about a year ago exactly a video went viral that showed a father surprising his son with a new bat after pretending he forgot his son’s birthday. It made for an emotional scene, to say the least, as the youngster was overwhelmed by the surprise gift.

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The original full video of the touching scene has since been deleted. But in it, the father, Devon Fowler, says to his son Braheim, “Happy birthday. I didn’t forget about you. I want to see some home runs.”

And on July 17, Braheim did just that, smacking a homer during a game. And wouldn’t you know it? Devon not only was recording the round-tripper, he managed to secure the home run ball at the same time.

Devon Fowler calls the scene that played out at the ball field last week as a “priceless moment” in the YouTube video’s description. That sounds about right.