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Bill Belichick already in midseason form with ‘InstaFace’ talk (vid)

Bill Belichick has a peculiar and amusing habit of erroneously referring to social media platforms by comically incorrect names.

Whether it’s by saying InstaFace, SnapFace, MyFace or InstaChat, among others, the New England Patriots head coach makes it clear he holds social media in little regard. Whether the gaffes are intentional or not is unclear … although it’s presumably the former.

Well, it’s only the first day of training camp and Belichick is already in midseason form when it comes to botching social media platform names … or purposely pretending he doesn’t know what they’re really called.

Here’s Belichick busting out his first “InstaFace” reference of training camp.

“We’ll get it all to you before practice. Don’t want you to miss anything on InstaFace,” Belichick said when asked about an anticipated roster update. “I’m sure there’s a lot of people that gotta get their day started.”

As noted, odds are pretty good that Belichick actually does know the names of various social media platforms, which arguably makes his gaffes that much more entertaining. Let’s hope the curmudgeonly coach comes up with even more hilariously bizarre names during the 2017 NFL season. Although we all know Belichick has far more important things on his mind.

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