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Did Kyrie Irving mock LeBron James with ‘Coming Home’ Snapchat? (vid)

The Kyrie Irving trade demand saga is practically going off the rails at this point, with each report and social media musing from relevant parties being parsed, interpreted and analyzed.

It has now reached the point, apparently, where a seemingly innocuous Snapchat story from Irving gives rise to speculation that he may be mocking LeBron James in it.

Irving, who has been on a goodwill tour for Nike Basketball in Asia as reports he has demanded a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers rocked the NBA offseason, is finally heading back to the States. Late Tuesday night, Irving posted a video in which he sings a few lines from “Coming Home” by Diddy.

The case can be made that Irving is simply celebrating his return to the U.S., right? But in this convoluted saga, not everything is at it seems, or at least the potential is there for such a possibility.

If one were to seek deeper meaning, a theory could be forwarded that Irving chose said song to mock James’ celebrated Sports Illustrated essay in the summer of 2014 in which he announced his return to the Cleveland, interestingly entitled, “I’m Coming Home.”

Is that a reach? Sure. Then again, James also appeared to address the Irving trade rumors in cryptic manner — as he is wont to do — with Snapchat videos of his own.

Amid reports of the duo’s relationship deteriorating to a point of no return — and then some —  James on Saturday posted two videos to social media in which he’s listening to Meek Mill’s new album “Wins & Losses.” The lyrics certainly could be inferred as a commentary on the Irving saga. Then again, it simply could be James enjoying some music.

The same can be said about Irving’s “Coming Home” video. It could mean something or absolutely nothing at all.

Here’s to the always entertaining NBA offseason, folks.