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Bill Belichick blows off Patriots’ perfect season chatter

Bill Belichick isn’t interested in lending credence to recent chatter about the New England Patriots conceivably embarking on a quest for a perfect season … or even addressing it, for that matter. Not that such a response to the 19-0 hype from the stoic and curmudgeonly head coach should come as a shock to anyone familiar with his antagonism concerning such potential distractions.

With the opening of training camp Thursday, some of the talk of the recent offseason has involved the notion that the loaded Patriots could go 19-0 and win consecutive Super Bowl titles.

“We’re focused on one day at a time, like I said,” Belichick said Wednesday, via the Boston Herald. “I guess I missed some of the great reading you guys had, but honestly I don’t really pay attention to it. Sorry.”

The Patriots made considerable upgrades to its already championship-caliber roster as the team prepares to defend its Super Bowl LI title, moves highlighted by the acquisitions of cornerback Stephon Gilmore and wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

The addition of such talent arguably is part of the reason Tom Brady is so excited to start camp, as evidenced by his Instagram post earlier this week.

But as Belichick has done throughout his Hall of Fame coaching career, he was quick to pump the brakes Wednesday on any perfect season talk.

A hallmark of Belichick’s no-nonsense coaching philosophy is the strict adherence to the belief that past success never predicts future results. It’s something he has done consistently, up to and including this offseason (here and here). The here and now is all that matters going forward.

“Right now we’re just trying to have a good day here today, get off to a good start in training camp,” Belichick said. “We’re not really worried about all that’s in the future. That’ll come when it comes.”

Classic Belichick, to say the least.