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Michael Bennett’s book title: ‘Things That Make White People Uncomfortable’

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is among the most opinionated, outspoken, thoughtful and occasionally controversial players in the NFL. Bennett refuses to shy away from weighing in on the prevailing and controversial issues of the day, and straying away from the world of football has never been an issue.

And now it appears Bennett’s unique worldview will be shared via the written word.

David Zirin announced Monday via Twitter that he is co-writing a book with Bennett that features a provocative title to say the least:

“Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.”

The book is being hailed as “a sports memoir and manifesto as hilarious as it is revealing” by Anthony Arnove of Haymarket Books, per a Publishers Weekly report. The book is scheduled for release in April 2018.

Suffice to say, Bennett’s book should prove to be an insightful read. If Bennett’s history of pushing the boundaries and challenging the the status quo is any indication, expect the book to generate some controversy as well.