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Jim Harbaugh only Big Ten coach not wearing suit for group photo

Jim Harbaugh obviously marches to the beat of his own drum. That much goes without saying. And the Michigan Wolverines head football coach’s uniquely eccentric personality was on full display at Big Ten Media Days Tuesday.

How? Well, among other things — more on that later — Harbaugh was the only Big Ten coach who opted not to wear a suit for a group photo during the event.

Harbaugh wears his patented coaching outfit — highlighted by the ever-present khakis, of course — while doing, well, pretty much everything, including while working out. So it’s not surprisingly in the least Harbaugh opted against getting all gussied up in a suit and tie for the media event.

Harbaugh even had a good reason to go sans suit.

A good attitude, eh? In other words, that presumably means Harbaugh arrived at Big Ten Media Days with an “Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind” —  to borrow a phrase from the man himself.