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Adam Silver calls Kyrie Iriving situation ‘upsetting’

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has weighed in on all the drama surrounding Kyrie Irving’s trade request, calling the entire situation “upsetting.”

The Irving bombshell request dropped late last week, setting off a veritable offseason firestorm of seismic proportions. As things stand, the prevailing view in NBA circles that it’s “almost inevitable” that the Cleveland Cavaliers will trade Irving.

Having one of the NBA’s marquee teams deal with such a situation would seem to be a source of concern for the league. And Silver admitted as much Monday on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

“I feel bad for whatever is going on in Cleveland. I assume where there’s smoke there’s fire,” Silver said after clarifying he has no inside information on the Irving situaion, as transcribed by’s Chris Fedor. “It’s upsetting to when you see superstar players who have coexisted and have had so much success together — three Finals in a row and one championship — to hear that for whatever reason there is a sense that they can’t continue to coexist.

“Yeah, that’s drama. But it’s not necessarily the kind of drama that the league wants.”

Reports suggest that Irving has grown weary of playing with LeBron James. And with each passing day a new report surfaces concerning how the superstars’ relationship is now irretrievably broken.

Silver, while discussing the success of the Golden State Warriors, mentioned how simply assembling “superteam” talent doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

“Look in Cleveland. It’s not just a function of aggregating great players. You have to get those players to want to be on the same page, sacrifice for each other and be able to coexist over a long period of time,” Silver said. “If you look back at the history of this league there have been many attempts to put together great players that have broken up on their own just because those great players weren’t able to coexist.”

And that appears to be the case with the Cavs in light of all the Irving drama.