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Jerry Jones: ‘I had a wonderful time before this social media hit’

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his son, executive vice president Stephen Jones, weighed in how social media has made things more difficult from a PR and damage control perspective.

The Joneses, in the wake of myriad off-the-field incidents involving Cowboys players, suggested that social media has played a critical role in how stories are now covered by the media.

Ezkiel Elliott in particular has been plagued by off-the-field issues in part spawned by social media coverage, up to and including his purported involvement in an altercation at a Dallas bar last week.

Jerry Jones on Sunday opined on how much easier things were for him to run the team before the advent of social media.

“Boy, I had a wonderful time before this social media hit,” Jones said at the team’s annual news conference ahead of training camp, via The Dallas News. “I feel sorry for anybody that’s got to go through the years I had when no social media was there. Having said that, there’s no question it’s different times. Different expectation.”

The younger Jones, meanwhile, highlighted how off-the-field drama involving players has always occurred. Only now it can be all over Twitter almost immediately.

“It’s a different day and age,” Stephen Jones said. “All these types of things were going on 29 years ago, people just weren’t aware of them.

“Because of the things we’re looking at right here with the social media, our fans are aware of this, you [reporters] are aware of a lot more then you ever have been. We have to make these tough decisions. They have to be held accountable.”

Irrespective of how social media’s influence has complicated matters when incidents like Elliott’s arise, the fact remains that the onus is on the players to avoid trouble in the first place. But the Joneses are correct in that social media complicates things from a team management perspective.

That said, the social media genie — especially as it pertains to such matters — is obviously out of the bottle and there’s no putting it back in there.