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Ray Allen calls out hating Celtics fans on birthday Instagram

Ray Allen took time out of his day Thursday to respond to social media haters, mostly Boston Celtics fans, who issued vitriolic comments on an Instagram post that was published in celebration of his 42nd birthday.

Allen of course spurned a contract offer from Boston in 2012 to sign a three-year deal with the Miami Heat, something that was seen as traitorous by Celtics fans. And the fact Allen helped the Celtics win an NBA title in 2008 didn’t soothe the hurt feelings, something that apparently continues to this day.

The Instagram account from someone bearing the moniker bostonceltics4ever put up a post where fans could wish Allen a happy birthday.

Happy birthday RayRay and thanks for helping us raising that banner 17!!! #CelticsNation #MrSplashMan

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While many did just that, others used the forum to spew the aforementioned vitriol. Of course, much of it centered around Allen’s so-called desertion.

And here is how Allen responded, as initially noticed on reddit and Twitter, via Ball Don’t Lie:

“Y’all need to get over it!!! Where were you all when the team tried to trade me,” said one of two comments issued by Allen’s official Instagram account. “It’s a business, we go where it’s necessary just like you all do in your jobs!!!! I will always be a Celtics no matter what any of you say. Get over it!!!!”

That post was later followed up with a comment expressing gratitude to all well-wishers: “Oh and Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday!!!”


The posts attributed to Allen have since been deleted.

It’s obviously nothing new for a player to be harshly treated by fans when spurning a team to sign elsewhere. Given the rivalry between the Celtics and Heat at the time only made matters worse.

But one would think the time has long since passed for Celtics fans to get over Allen joining the Heat. On the other hand, some of his former Celtics teammates haven’t even gotten over it yet, so there’s that as well.