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Did LeBron James troll world with birthday tweet to Ben Simmons?

The Internet was whipped up into a veritable frenzy earlier this week when Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons shot out a cryptic tweet directed at LeBron James. And now it looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is perhaps engaging in some social media chicanery in light of it all.

Simmons turned 21 Thursday and received tweeted well wishes from the 76ers organization and the NBA, among others.

The fact that Simmons reached legal drinking age inspired James to mention in a tweet wishing Simmons a happy birthday that perhaps a Shirley Temple “with a twist” was in order.

What makes James’ tweet especially compelling — at least from a speculative standpoint — is how Shirley Temples are mentioned. Why? Sixers budding superstar Joel Embiid is a huge fan of the kiddie cocktail. Let the James-to-Philly rumors continue to commence.

James’ tweet will of course be interpreted as something more than it really is, as is often the case with everything James puts out on social media. James has long demonstrated a mastery of posting cryptic messages on social media that may have some significance but more likely mean nothing at all (here).

Just having James simply involved in a social media musing can spawn rampant speculation and armchair, amateurish psychoanalysis. This was proven all too clearly with Simmons’ tweet about James earlier this week.

The tweet instantly was interpreted — erroneously — to be a sign that James may end up with the Sixers. After all, he has to play somewhere after next season and all signs indicate he may be on his way out of Cleveland.

All that said, the fact that Simmons tweeted out at James and James later tweeted Simmons birthday wishes probably means nothing at all … except perhaps that James is simply trolling the entire world.