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Odell Beckham Jr. agrees to meet young cancer-stricken fan

Odell Beckham Jr. has responded to a desperate social media plea begging him to take time to meet a young superfan who is battling cancer. While nothing is set in stone, the New York Giants superstar wide receiver agreed in a tweet to try to make the meeting happen.

It all started when Texas radio personality Tommy Joe of “The Hacker Morning Show (96.9 KISS FM) took to Facebook to address how Jayro Ponce, a nine-year-old cancer patient who is “battling for his life,” wants nothing else but to meet Beckham.

Attention Odell Beckham:

“We hope you see this and can find it within your heart to reach out to this young man who is battling for his life, and is now at the Ronald McDonald House in Amarillo, Texas…His name is Jayro and is a hero to many of us here in Amarillo, but Odell Beckham you are a hero to Jayro. Can you please reach out to Jayro and fulfill one of his dreams. Thank You from everyone here in Amarillo,Texas!”

While Beckham didn’t see the original Facebook post, he apparently was alerted to the plea by the father of Giants center Weston Richburg.

And Beckham replied with a tweet to Danny Richburg’s messages confirming he is willing to “make it happen.”

Beckham has had something of a tumultuous start to his NFL career, both on and off the field. While enigmatic and undoubtedly an incredible talent, it oftentimes seems Beckham is unable to get out of his own way. But gestures such as this one in which Beckham demonstrates empathy and a willingness to brighten the day and lift the spirits of a very sick boy could go a long way in changing any unflattering perceptions about him.

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