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Marshawn Lynch owns entire West Coast in jersey sales

Marshawn Lynch’s celebrated return from retirement to play for his hometown Oakland Raiders has been a fascinating story this NFL offseason. And it looks like Lynch’s pro football homecoming is translating into enormous jersey sales, not only in the Oakland area but the entire West Coast as well.

According to data provided by NFL Shop, via ESPN, Lynch has the best-selling jersey in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The proverbial cherry on top comes from how Lynch has the top-selling jersey in both Alaska and Hawaii as well. Throw in South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Indiana for good measure as well.

Beast Mode, indeed.

The rest of the best-selling jersey by state data is mostly unsurprising, although it’s odd that Adrian Peterson still can boast to be the top jersey-seller in Minnesota even though the Vikings cut him loose in the spring. Tom Brady not surprisingly extends his reach beyond New England as well, as the Patriots superstar signal-caller has several outposts outside the northeastern U.S.

But back to Lynch. Not only are his jerseys selling like hotcakes on the West Coast and beyond, his return to football is being hailed as an inspirational and arguably improbable comeback story, and deservedly so.

While Lynch’s potential return to greatness on the gridiron remains to be seen, the Raiders coaching staff and his teammates (here and here) can’t stop saying great things about Lynch. It’s entirely possible the return of Beast Mode very well could be a legitimate and triumphant one, not only from a merchandising standpoint.