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LeBron James’ cryptic pics from Miami on Instagram mean nothing

LeBron James has long demonstrated a mastery of posting cryptic messages on social media that may mean something significant or possibly nothing at all. Either way, it always prompts rampant speculation and amateurish psychoanalysis. And the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar recently was back at it.

James took to Instagram to post two photos from Miami in which he reminisces about all the great times he had in South Beach.

A ton of great memories riding past her today!! #AAA #striveforgreatness

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As noted above, the posts could carry no hidden meaning or message. James could simply be reminiscing about his time in Miami, nothing more, nothing less.

That said, James’ posts ultimately will send the Internet into a tizzy regarding what he’s trying to convey with the Miami photos. Is it possible King James is hinting at a triumphant return to South Beach? Probably not, but that won’t stop people from inferring as much, even if the Miami Heat have received “zero indication” James is interested in a reunion.

After all, given the alternatively tumultuous and relatively inactive offseason the Cavaliers organization has experienced so far all but assures that James’ NBA future will be a source of significant conjecture during the 2017-18 campaign, especially given recent reports.

This is only further established by how a cryptic tweet Tuesday from Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons whipped social media up into a frenzy.

What could it possibly mean? Whatever the case, it of course got people speculating that James will be heading to Philly after next season. Could it potentially occur? Sure, but the tweet of course has no bearing whatsoever on future events.

NBA offseason social media activity, cryptic or not, never ceases to be intriguing.

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