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Jerome Bettis blames Cowboys locker room for Ezekiel Elliott’s issues

Ezekiel Elliott is facing an avalanche of controversy this week primarily stemming from his alleged role in an altercation at a Dallas bar Sunday night.

But the problems don’t end there for the Dallas Cowboys running back. He also remains under NFL investigation for an alleged domestic violent incident in 2016, something that could very well end in a suspension, especially in light of recent developments in Elliott’s off-field life.

There were other high-profile incidents involving Elliott both during and after his standout rookie season (more on that here). All told, the case can be made that Elliott, only entering his second season, already stands at a crossroads in his young NFL career.

Several NFL analysts, former players and the like have pontificated about what’s causing Elliott to get ensnared in so many off-the-field issues. And now, former NFL running back great and Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis is adding in his two cents.

In essence, Bettis cites the lack of leadership in the Cowboys locker room as one of the reasons for Elliott’s growing issues.

“Here’s part of the problem. That team, in terms of the core players, they’re young guys. You don’t have any of those guys able to pull him back and say ‘Listen, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, listen to me when I say these kind of things,'” Bettis said on “The Rich Eisen Show,” as transcribed by CBS Sports. “You don’t have that kind of guy in the locker room yet to do that. They’re kind of flying blind so to speak, because you don’t have … the quarterback is the same age and you don’t have that guy to pull him back and say ‘Hey, shut it down.'”

Interestingly, a report from Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman suggests some members of the Cowboys locker room have on multiple occasions confronted Elliott about his issues.

That aside, Bettis summed up his advice to Elliott by saying the following: “Stay in the house and don’t get into any more trouble.”

Now those are some words Elliott may want to take to heart.