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Ice Cube shuts down Terrell Owens’ appeal to play in BIG3 (vids)

Terrell Owens recently stated his case as to why he should be a player in the BIG3. But Ice Cube, the fledgling 3-on-3 hoops league’s founder, isn’t interested.

Owens without question is a freakish athlete and actually played some college basketball. In fact, Owens recently expressed some semblance of regret about choosing football over basketball.

The former NFL superstar wide receiver appealed to Ice Cube and the BIG3 to give him a shot at some 3-on-3 action in a video posted by TMZ, saying in part that “the guys know that I can hoop.”

Despite Owens’ passionate plea for a shot, Ice Cube shut him down, saying only former NBA players are allowed entry into the BIG3 after a TMZ camera crew confronted him.

Sorry, T.O. What Ice Cube says is the law of the BIG3 land. And there’s no way around it. After all, hopes weren’t all that high when Ice Cube announced the formation of the BIG3 and look at how well it’s taken off. It’s clear Ice Cube knows what he’s doing.